How to protect your home from thieves when you are away

Home security tips: Keep burglars at bay while you're out - Protect your home from theft
February 19, 2024
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Ensuring the safety of your home while you’re away is a primary concern for any homeowner. Whether it’s protecting the house from thieves and robbers during a vacation or securing it during business trips, the best defense is a multi-layered security strategy. This article will delve into practical measures you can take to shield your home from potential intruders, ranging from foundational security practices to leveraging the latest in smart home technology.

Understanding Home Security Basics

The cornerstone of how to make a secure home is establishing a solid foundation. Begin by examining the physical integrity of your home. This includes checking all entry points—doors, windows, and even the garage—for vulnerabilities. Reinforce any weak areas and consider upgrading to more secure, heavy-duty locks. Making these changes is an essential part of how to protect a country house from thieves since rural homes can often be more isolated and hence more appealing to thieves.

Visible Deterrents That Discourage Break-Ins

Visible deterrents are a simple yet effective way to discourage would-be burglars. Here are some actionable steps you can take:

  1. Signage: Posting security system signs or neighborhood watch signs can make intruders think twice before attempting a break-in.
  2. Lighting: Motion-sensor lights installed around the exterior of your home can spook intruders and draw attention to suspicious activity.

Knowing how to protect a cottage from thieves with your own hands involves employing DIY measures such as installing better locks and setting up a system of lights that mimic natural activity patterns.

Secure your home: Tips to prevent break-ins while you're away - Keep burglars out

Advanced Home Security Measures

Investing in a Reliable Alarm System

An investment in a reliable alarm system is one of the best defenses against home invasion. Such systems serve as an immediate alert for authorities and a loud signal to the intruder that their presence is known.

The Role of Smart Home Technology in Security

Smart home technology has become a game-changer in residential security. Features like automated lights, smart locks, and Wi-Fi-enabled cameras allow homeowners to simulate occupancy and monitor their home in real-time, contributing to protecting the house from thieves and robbers even whilst they are miles away.

Choosing the Right Surveillance Cameras

Selecting the right surveillance cameras is crucial for keeping a watchful eye on your home. When choosing cameras, consider their resolution, field of view, and night vision capabilities, which are all important features that contribute to a comprehensive security setup.

Precautionary Steps to Take Before Leaving Home

Securing Doors and Windows Properly

Properly securing doors and windows should be a priority prior to departure. All points of entry must be double-checked. High-quality locks should be in good working order, and security bars can offer additional protection for windows, especially if you’re considering how to protect a country house from thieves during an extended time away.

Making Your Home Look Occupied

Making your home look occupied is a fundamental tactic in deterring burglars. Use timers on lights, televisions, and radios to create the illusion of someone being home. Alternate which lights are on at different times to mimic normal usage patterns, a strategy which is especially useful in protecting the house from thieves and robbers, who are often on the lookout for signs of absence.

Here’s an important pre-departure checklist to ensure you don’t miss any security steps:

Pre-Departure ChecklistStatus (✓/✕)
All doors and windows locked
Alarm system armed
Mail and newspaper delivery halted or collected by a neighbor
Timers set on electronics
Valuables stored in a safe or hidden location
Security cameras operational

In summary, taking these steps not only helps in creating a secure home environment but also provides peace of mind while you’re away. By considering these tips and understanding the importance of each measure, homeowners can confidently protect their homes against potential security threats.

Protect your property: Home security tips to deter thieves when you're not there

Community Measures and Neighborly Support

The Benefits of a Neighborhood Watch

Building a support system within your community is an often underestimated method of enhancing home security. The benefits of a Neighborhood Watch cannot be overstressed; this organized group of citizens dedicated to crime prevention not only serves as extra eyes and ears for the police but also fosters a tighter community bond. By being part of such a program, you ensure that your neighbors are more vigilantly keeping an eye out for any unusual activities around your home.

Sharing Travel Plans with Trusted Neighbors

Sharing travel plans with trusted neighbors can also prove invaluable. Neighbors who are aware of your absence can watch for any anomalies and report suspicious behavior to the authorities. Additionally, they can perform simple tasks such as collecting your mail, which helps to maintain the appearance that the house is occupied. Here are a few suggestions for engaging neighborly support:

  1. Share emergency contact information with your neighbors, so they can reach you quickly if anything goes awry.
  2. Return the favor by keeping an eye on their property when they are away, building a mutual support system.

When You’re On The Go: Remote Monitoring and Control

Using Mobile Apps to Stay Connected

In today’s digital age, homeowners can stay connected to their home security systems via internet-connected devices. Using mobile apps, you can keep an eye on your home through installed cameras or receive security notifications directly on your phone or tablet. This accessibility provides not just convenience, but also a critical connection to your home that persists no matter the distance.

Alerts and Notifications – Staying Informed

Alerts and notifications ensure that homeowners are first to know in case of any security breach, allowing for an immediate response. And with remote monitoring services, you can even reach out to emergency services directly, should the situation warrant it. It’s like being a virtual guardian of your home. Here are steps you can take to stay informed:

  1. Regularly check notifications from your security system to stay up-to-date.
  2. Customize alert settings to make sure you’re informed about serious security threats without being overwhelmed by frequent notifications.
 Burglar-proof your home: Tips to keep your property safe while you're away


Thieves and burglars can pose a significant risk to unoccupied homes. By implementing these layered security strategies—from the basic steps of securing doors and windows to the advanced measures involving smart technology—homeowners can significantly reduce their risk of break-ins. With good preparation and the support of your community, you can enjoy your time away knowing that you’ve taken comprehensive steps to protect your home.

By understanding home security basics, investing in advanced security measures, taking essential precautionary steps before leaving, gaining community support, and utilizing remote monitoring, you’ve taken a critical stand in safeguarding your most precious asset against thieves.

Remember, the goal is not just to protect your house from potential theft but to create a secure environment that provides peace of mind whether you are home or away.


  • What are the most effective ways to discourage burglars from targeting my home? – Installing a high-quality security system, using visible deterrents such as lighting and security system signs, making the home look occupied, and joining a neighborhood watch are some of the most effective methods.
  • How can I use technology to improve my home’s security when I’m away? – Investing in smart home technology with remote monitoring capabilities, utilizing mobile apps to receive alerts, and installing surveillance cameras with live feeds are impactful ways to leverage technology for home security.
  • What are some affordable actions I can take right now to protect my home? – Ensuring all locks are sturdy and functional, using timers on indoor lights, asking neighbors to keep an eye out, and halting mail deliveries during your absence are cost-effective strategies.
  • Is it worth telling my neighbors that I’m going away? – Absolutely. Trusted neighbors can be a valuable asset in monitoring your home and can perform simple but essential tasks to maintain the appearance of your home being occupied.
  • What should I check before leaving my home to ensure it’s secure? – Refer to the pre-departure checklist including locking all doors and windows, arming your alarm system, pausing mail delivery, setting timers on electronics, storing valuables securely, and ensuring surveillance cameras are operational.